SEC distributes $23M in supplemental revenue to each school

Well, they (the UA) don’t really get taxed anyway, right? Does it matter? I assume it’s booked as some sort of loan/advance against future TV revenues. To be incrementally paid back, or just forgiven based on certain criteria.

EDIT: I see your question. How the SEC treats it. Loan is my bet. Probably very likely a loan, again to be incrementally repaid out of future TV revenue or forgiven. Income either way. The latter would be more deferred.

It’s probably only interesting to those who have an axe to grind about whether athletics is self-funding. That crowd had kittens when athletics refinanced $19m of existing debt in order to defer repayment and lower the interest rate. For the recent $23m payments to members, Sankey did seem to go out of his way to refer to them as “supplemental revenue”.

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They’re(SEC) borrowing future TV revenue from Regions Capital and Truist Securities.

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