SEC decides to feature Hogs. vs. Aggies on final weekend

We’ll be on ESPNU Thursday (2 weeks from tonight), and then on the SEC Network for Saturday’s game. … c-baseball

That would be SECN on Saturday. They didn’t suddenly go to four-day series.

At this time, Arkansas and the Aggies is the premier series for the weekend. It could be for all the marbles (depending on Vandy) and it’s clearly the best series over all the others except LSU at Tenn. It’ll be especially interesting if the Aggies can win a couple this weekend against LSU.

But they could that weekend if the weather is bad. That is the only weekend of the season that a series can be stretched to four days, if needed.

Didn’t know that. That’s a quick turnaround though. Pretty sure at this point we won’t have to play on Tuesday in Hoover but A&M might. Right now they’d be the 7 seed and 5 through 12 play Tuesday.

That won’t happen if ESPN/SEC stumbles upon a widely wanted and viewed women’s softball game…