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Amazing we are doing this well with us last in Hitting, just shows you if you can pitch and field you can win…when we break out…Look out! need to start this weekend!

Pitching can keep you in a lot of games as well as win em when your not scoring alot of runs.
The offense will
Wake up when the temperature heats up. I’m looking forward to it.
I thought the OU transfer was going to play at Missouri. Does anyone know if DVH half him out because of the cold weather or he just wasn’t ready.

He wasn’t supposed to play anyway army they said he wasn’t quite ready early last week. I don’t know what his status is for Mississippi State. We need him to be the player we thought he was going to be to make a big difference in this lineup.

As in all sports played outside, weather is often a determining factor. If you look at ERA for the Arkansas pitching, it’s third. That’s helped by the bad weather (with wind blowing in) this team has battled all year. They have played in more wind blowing in games than any team I can recall at this point in the season. Phil Elson noted that last night. It holds down your offense, but it also aids your pitching, note the Arkansas ERA is third in the SEC.

One thing I’ll always say about baseball, good pitching (and defense) is more important than good hitting. If you play good defense and don’t beat yourself, you will do alright. Kentucky and Missouri both beat themselves. Maybe they couldn’t handle the weather as well as the Hogs. Kentucky exploded with offense last weekend after getting almost nothing against the Hogs. Good pitching maybe? Yes.

Pitching at a 3.46 ERA clip and fielding at .986 makes you hard to beat. No other SEC team has that combination of fielding and pitching.

Yeah we will definitely find out about our pitching as we continue to get into our schedule. Mississippi state is beginning to swing the bat better, Ole Miss and LSU both can flat out mash the ball. Especially LSU who has an incredible lineup.

I think so, too. Can’t imagine anything more miserable than playing baseball in cold wind. Add any dampness & it’s that much worse. What astounds me is that the players don’t appear to dress for it. Maybe a long sleeve under shirt, that looks to be about it. I suppose they can warm up some in the dugout, but I doubt it brings much comfort. At least they can put coats on when they’re down there. (Is there a heater of any type down there?)

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This Arkansas team can mash, too. But if you mash into a 25 mph wind, nothing good happens to it. But that does help your pitching and magnifies good defense, and that’s a strength for this team. I doubt anyone has a better middle of the infield tandem than Jalen Battles and Robert Moore. Peyton Stovall is pretty good at first base, too.

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No doubt about it the wind it’s cost us a lot of home runs. I’m hoping our power shows up when the weather heats up . I agree that battles and Moore are probably the best in the country at their positions. We are winning without playing our best ball that’s the most promising thing for us IMO

Sounded like Webb cranked one out into the teeth of that wind last night but Troy Eklund estimated the wind knocked it down by 50 feet.

The ball was crushed! Still went 20 ft over the fence. He’s got a lot of power

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