SEC cross country meet

The SEC meet is tomorrow in Auburn. Arkansas’ men will go for their ninth consecutive title, while the women will go for six in a row.

Here is a feature on Arkansas freshman Katrina Robinson, who figures to challenge for the individual title: … al-conten/

Does Mizzou still have that girl that won nationals in 2016? (I checked; answer is yes). If Robinson can beat her, she is truly an exceptional runner.

Yes, she is very good and is the favorite. But it would not surprise to see Robinson finish high up the leaderboard. She pushed Jess Hull for most of the race at Oregon. Hull is a strong distance runner.

Oops. We were both wrong. She recently went pro.

REPOSTED 'cause this is TWO YEARS OLD!
Individual Cross Country Race

  1. Sarah Chapman Mizzou
  2. Lauren Gregory UA
  3. Krissy Gear UA
  4. Taylor Ewert UA
  5. Abby Gray UA
  6. Corie Smith UA
  7. Isabel Van Camp UA
  8. Kennedy Thomson UA
    Logan Morris UA

BOOM! Congrats to UA Women!