SEC Cross Country Champions

… again!!!



Ho hum, two more trophies.

Too bad we didn’t sign that girl from Misery. She won the NCAA individual title last year. (I typed recruit at first, but maybe we did recruit her).

Looks like Bama has done a good job in recruiting Kenya (the first three finishers are all from there.) But they don’t seem to have anyone to go with the Kenyans.

I noticed they had the top 3 finishers, but we still kicked there butts. That is amazing. If they had any depth at all they would have won (it appears to me).

All five of our scoring runners finished in the top dozen. Bama’s last two would have had to finish top-18 to win, which would have required being 40 to 50 seconds faster. By the way, our sixth guy, who didn’t even count in the scoring, was 13th. But you’re right, in XC depth is the deciding factor. Bama could have finished 1-2-3-4 and the fifth guy could still have gotten them beat if he finished outside the top 31.

John McDonnell created an awesome tradition. Bucknam was done well at the SEC level, but has only managed to win one national title.

McDonnell was a T&F genius.