SEC Commissioner Stankey

Yesterday on a halftime show he was asked about the changes in SEC basketball. How much better the conference is and it’s direction. The only coach he mentioned that isn’t dirty is Rick Barnes.
He blows about Bruce Pearl and how great he is, Ben Howland and the wonderful job he’s doing, Tom Cream and the steps he’s taken already in year one and you can’t leave out his good buddy John “Greaeball”
Cal. His conversation yesterday is what’s wrong with college basketball and our society. The man whom is supposed to be in charge so blind to turn his back on corruption.
Make it legal where a kid can get fair market value or punish the cheaters.
There will never be any fairness in any sport. TV blows about how great Greaseball is and always put their blue white game on every year. Dick Vitale has been calling for Arizona to fire their coach and at the same time blowing about how great Bill Self is and how good his paid bunch is. There should be 2 NCAA tournaments one for cheaters and one for clean programs. Of course nobody would watch the clean one. Our society is headed right down the toilet.
Where did integrity get put in the bottom of barrel or just altogether forgotten!
I’ve been ticked off every since I heard him open his mouth. Stankey must speak out of both sides of his head. Just a few months ago he said there’s was no room for coaches that do their job the wrong way and cheat and by listening to him talk he really like these cons.

Well what do you expect when some of the worst cons in the business are coaching in his conference.

It’s a shame the grease balls like Pearl and Calapari are glorified all the time.

Yes it is. The NCAA won’t do anything to any blue blood. They change the rules to fit who commits an infraction.
Auburn has a player"Daniel Purifiy"
whom was held out all last year and he got suspended for 9 games this year for a cash transaction. That should have made him ineligible period with out ever being allowed to play. Kansas has a kid overseas playing now and another one on their bench that’s being held out. I guess it goes with the territory.

Don’t forget wade. He’s already been mentioned in the scandal. Holland, well you can bet perry’s Posse had wallets padded. Not convinced the Vandy coach is legit Barnes is clean they say. Know nothing about crean. Pearl and Calipari, every living breathing analyst and fan knows they are crooked

It’s not up to Greg Sankey to punish anyone. That’s the NCAA enforcement people’s job. And really, do you want the commissioner to say “two thirds of our basketball coaches are blatantly cheating”? Even if it’s true, a conference commissioner is not going to say it.

Exactly, all this falls on the NCAA to actually hand out punishments, it’s really nothing the SEC commissioner can do.

But, I do agree with Army on how fake people are and how they are willing to tolerate cheating as long as it’s by a certain coach or program. What’s crazy is if Pearl would have finished with a losing record last year, he would have gotten taken down, and probably never coached again. But, because he had a Cinderella story going on with his team and they were winning and making headlines despite missing some of their best players, the NCAA just turned their heads because Pearl was good for ratings. That’s what the NCAA has turned into, they’ll let anything slide as long as you’re not hurting their ratings, now if somebody writes a book about your stripper parties, and you start getting bad publicity, then the NCAA will come down on you.

As far a Dickie V and Jay Bilas and all those other guys, I just mute them when I hear them, they are the fakest of the bunch. They go with the status quo, they know better than anyone else how slimy some of these coaches are, but they are cowards, they’ll talk a big game on twitter about how much they despise cheating and all that, then when camera gets on them they’ll fall in line and act like they don’t know anything and give all the compliments in the world to the cheating coaches.

Do you really think the commentators & sports writers are going to bash the cheaters on national TV or in the papers if the NCAA hasn’t brought forth any substantial allegations/charges yet?
They would be out of a job quickly if they did so, just like any commissioner would be if he/she did the same just on their own opinions.
Until the NCAA gets some balls to aggressively investigate & “admit” there is cheating, everyone else just has to follow suit. Hard for them to bite the hand that feeds them.

I didn’t see the interview or know any facts about other coaches, but if Anderson isn’t included in not cutting corners to win games or get recruits, then our commissioner has lost all credibility in that conversation. The fact that we’ve lost top in state recruits due to shady dealings with other coaches that Anderson wouldn’t deal with, proves that beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Where did you read that I said I want them to bash them on national TV? I said they act like they don’t know anything about what’s going on and give those coaches all the compliments in the world about their program. You can talk about a program and talk about things that are going on and keep your job. Jay Williams does it all the time, he’s talked about how sleezy the AAU world is and how he’s seen some of this stuff going on, and he’s still on TV. He also doesn’t act like a 16 year old school girl talking about star QB every time he hears coach Calapari’s name. He’s a Duke guy and when he hears them do wrong he’ll call it out on national TV as well.

Anybody that has watched Jay Bilas, Dickie V, and even Seth Greenberg knows what I’m talking about. These guys will go out of their way to give extra credit and brag on these coaches they know are cheating. You don’t have to gush all over a coach to not be considererd bashing them, there’s a happy median in there that a lot of other analyst are able to find.

Exactly. I was thinking that would be the main point in this thread.