SEC Coach's snub Justin Smith

What a joke! Also Devo doesn’t make the all freshman team.

Did Herb Jones really have a better year than Moses?

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What a joke about Devo. Eight freshmen make it and he’s not one.

LSU had three named to the first and second team, to our one. Should I double check the standings?


Smith definitely should be there.

As far as Devo, Primo is the one that probably got it over Devo in a close call. All other guys on the freshman team look right to me.

According to the AP release, Herb Jones received 5 of 14 player of the year votes. Moses Moody got 4. Eric Musselman received 2 votes for AP SEC coach of the year:

Maybe the chip on our shoulder gets bigger…


Just prove it on the court from this point in the Tourneys. These Hogs know who loves them.

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Yes, 16 players on the 2 teams and no mention of Smith is a huge gaff. You could make a strong case that both Smith and Tate should have been there.

Based on that player voting, you would think Muss would have won the COY in a landslide since he didn’t have any talent, other than Moses, to win with!


Remember, the mantra back in '94 was “no one is respecting us”. It should be fun to see how masterfully Coach Muss uses this to push his team’s buttons.

I agree I bet Jackson and Primo were 7 and 8 and Devo was 9. A case could be made to put that in any order, but the top 6 are all very deserving and I have no problem with those.

I don’t get the Jones’ love, he’s not even the best player on Bama… 10.1 scoring average. I guess if you jump really high, the dunk counts more than two. If that’s the case, Smith should have won it. As mentioned, our players will have something to prove with all the slights thrown their way.

Because he plays for Alabama, I wouldn’t trade Justin Smith for him.

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Herb is the glue for that team. Defensive stopper, rebounder and on court leader. Plus a decent offensive player.

Herb is perhaps the biggest reason Bama won the SEC. It is a close call between Herb and Moses and usually in such cases, the tiebreaker goes to the team that won more.

Just confirms that the POY does not necessarily mean “best player” award.

You said it yourself, Jones is “decent” offensively. There is nothing about Moody’s game that is merely decent.

As for the snubbing of Smith by both the coaches and media… just ridiculous. Smith is not the best player on the Razorbacks’ roster, but he’s perhaps the most valuable. If one makes the case that 'Bama doesn’t win the SEC without Jones, then you must also say Arkansas doesn’t finish 2nd without Smith.

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Here’s Herb’s season stats:

10 pts a game, 6 rebounds a game and 3 assist a game. He’s listed as a 6’8 senior.

Moody’s stats:

17.5 pts a game, 5.7 rebounds, 1.8 assist. Moody listed as a 6’6 freshman.

For player of the year he is not the Herb I’m looking for.

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Hopefully, the writers pick us on a few things that the coaches did not. ghg

One thing I have failed to understand as the season has gone along.

Commentators continue to talk about how great a defensive player he (Herb Jones) is but I am pretty sure I actually saw him foul out of 3 games…and there may have been more because that is just what I saw. I always thought great defensive players can defend without fouling.

EDIT: Found his personal stats on ESPN: Fouled out of 4 games and had 4 fouls in another 5. That is 9 of 27 games where he had at least 4 fouls.

I also always hear he is a great “glue guy” so I assume that is true. But he sure did spend a lot of time glued to the bench in the games I saw due to foul trouble. :slight_smile:

Just my $.02.

Go Hogs!

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I somewhat think Smith’s injury at Auburn was the biggest reason Bama finished the regular season on top of the SEC.

Exchange Moody and Jones on our team, and I promise we don’t fare as well with Jones as we did with Moody.

You are absolutely right. But they play different roles. It is like swapping apples for oranges.

While I wanted Moody to get the POY, comparing stats and skill level is not going to help. This is not about who is the best player. This is more like the MVP award.

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