SEC Coach's overrated?

Lots of talk about the SEC laying an egg in the tournament and rightfully so. In my opinion the SEC had some of the best players in the country. These last few years I have thought the league would get tougher because of the coach’s. Well not so fast my friends.

Oats - His team was loaded at almost every spot. His philosophy is to shoot only three’s and lay ups. Somehow can get up for most big games but can’t get up for bad teams. Looks to me his team checked out at the end of the year.

Pearl - What can you say about this dude. Kessler and Smith should walk you to the final four. Watching them play last night, he never put Smith in a position to succeed. He rarely ran anything for him and he let the guards just do whatever they wanted. Smith could have scored 30 from the high and low post. Most of his players are disrespectful to any coach that tries to talk to them when they come out. They pout and cry often which is a by product of their coach.

Calamari - Who does less with more than this guy? Lifetime contract, 40 million dollar buy out, unlimited budget to cheat and still can’t beat St. Peters. He blames everyone but himself. He flipped his coaching staff to no avail. He can’t win unless he has a sure fire lottery pick that is just heads and shoulders better than everyone else ie - Anthony Davis, John Wall, D Rose…etc and sometimes he can’t win with them.

Will Wade - Handed out blank checks and still couldn’t do anything. HE GONE!

I’m so glad Muss knows how to coach. Give Muss Jabari Smith and the dude would average 30 on a bad night.


Maybe when players have a lot of dirt on their coaches ($$$$) they don’t respect them. It sure makes sense.


I would shake my head watching Calipari simply refuse to run plays to get the best shooter in college basketball Kellen Grady any open looks in the halfcourt. That kid’s time at Kentucky was a total waste. Imagine what Muss could’ve done with that young man.


Nice post.

The old hypothetical scenario when comparing coaches is to ask, “what would the outcome be if both coaches traded rosters?”

No doubt to me Coach Muss is the best in the conference, especially when considering this question.


I believe you are 100% correct.

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Don’t forget Ben Perry Greenberg Howland, Jeff

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Oh I forgot oh cheatin Ben. Him, Reggie Perry, Perry’s parents and Seth Greenburg should all be ashamed of themselves.

Look where Perry is now…the G League. 2nd round pick so going to Starkville really helped him get better and ready for the NBA.

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I really thought this was a down year for the SEC heading into the season. I liked the chances for Arkansas. Not having Notae for the trip to Starkville was a problem. But the Hogs got better as the year progressed. That’s coaching pure and simple. I go back to something Jimmy Dykes told me in October, that it is not easy to turn over a roster and come out of the gates flying high. He said it would take Musselman some time and he was right. No question he did the best job of coaching his team to this point. It has been a remarkable charge.

I thought the injury to Toney would really hurt, and I guess it did at Tennessee, but he sure did play well in Buffalo.

Your summary is really strong. I agree with what you posted.

What I think going forward has not changed since I first realized what NIL would bring to the game of college basketball: agents. The players are now talking to their agents. They tell them to shoot. I really believe that was a problem for Auburn and Kentucky. Why else would some of the worst shooters take most of the shots? I for sure thought that was the problem for Auburn. Those guards didn’t turn down many shots in the last three weeks.


I think the inury to Muss also caused some issues early on. . . the surgery helped but he clearly couldn’t be at his best in that kind of pain. . . glad he is a tough guy.


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