Sec coach of the year standings

I believe this is a Saturday Down South editor who puts this out

We’ll see how the season plays out, but I think Heupel would get my vote even if Tennessee does not win the East. That has been a much faster turnaround than I would have ever anticipated.


Heupel has done wonders at TN. Since I’ve had to deal with orange daily since 98 I’m rooting for KY and GA to beat them. The Vols schedule is filled with fluff. Folks here are wonderful but enough is enough.

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It’s kind of hard to say with Kentucky ranked, but I think that is a potential trap game for Tennessee this week. The Wildcats can play defense, have had two weeks to prepare and there are a lot of people already talking about the Tennessee-Georgia game next week.

A trap game is the least Hog fans can hope for. Talk about fluff, can you imagine UT buying out the game with Army this year in the week the Medal of Honor Society held their annual convention in Knoxville this fall? Luckily, another MAC team needed a money game and was willing to come take a whipping. Had little respect for the AD based on his mythical 2019 national championship at UCF. Have none for him after the CF schedule change this year.

Taylor Powell predicted to me that Tennessee would do well. He signed with Missouri because of Heupel and thinks he is a great coach.

Heupel does have a great offensive system and he operates it well. I’m not a fan of his so I will shut down before my acknowledged bias shows more.

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his O is Art Briles reincarnated with the links to make that provable. Art offense is not Kendall offense, TN much closer to Art Baylor heyday than is Kendall. Begrudgingly, I acknowledge faster rise and better than expected results, 6thyear mobile QB helps. Eric Gray would have been a monster in this Tenner offense.

I don’t think Tenn will be as impressive against Ga. as they were against Bama. If they are then so be it
but not until then. You have to EARN that right to be really good in the sec and they’re getting close but it ain’t over yet.

What crazy is Arkansas and TN could end up with same number of losses

aTm beat Bama last year. Nuff said.

A&M should have beat Alabama again this year. Nuff said.

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