SEC class rankings across the major recruiting services

[/quote]Typical! As always we are in the lower half of the SEC.


So it’s doom and gloom. EVERY one of the schools above us, except S. Carolina, are historically better than we are. So, get real and there’s no need to be so negative.

I understand not being in the top of the SEC as it is hard to recruit with bama, LSU, Florida, Georgia and so on.

However I can’t understand being behind Kentucky, and Mississippi St, if even add SC in there also. We should out recruit these teams. We currently are not but after this weekend coming up I think we will go ahead of them. Would love to see us finish top 20.

I also have a theory that once UT (Texas) gets back to prominent standings it will hurt TAMU. As well as Baylor in there also. I believe once these teams gat it going they will begin to out recruit TAMU and their great recruiting classes will drop back, after all they do not have much of a winning tradition and most Texas kids grow up UT fans. (I speak as one of those who witnessed it, I’ve always been all hog though)
We need to do better in Texas, only having one commit from the state of Texas is mind boggling to me. We should get a large percentage from Texas seeing how close we are, similar to OU. They have a top 5 class and while Oklahoma HS football is a little better than AR, it’s definitely not a great HS football state.
Finish strong coaches and recruiters, let’s see a top 20 class!

I don’t care about the rankings as much as I care about getting players. Some of the ways they compute the rankings make it so that we end up in the lower half even at times that we have good classes.

I remember the Knile Davis class wasn’t ranked highly. Once they went to college and did well the classes were re-ranked and they were considered one of the top classes in the SEC.

So, to me, the question is whether they are getting players at need positions.

Austin Allen is a 3-star. I don’t think his production is 3-star production. They have gotten big production from 3-star RBs and WRs.

On the other hand they have a lot of 4-star OL who haven’t given them much, yet. And, they haven’t gotten much 4-star production from 3-stars on the defensive side of the ball.

That’s why I take it all with a grain of salt. They need to get a bunch of talented 3 and 4 star guys that fit their system and then they have to develop them to their max potential.

Then, when the schedule is manageable, they have to capitalize.

Those are a lot of variables that have to line up and then we have to cash in on the chance.

But, if people ever expect us to finish in the top of the SEC under the star systems, you’re fooling yourselves.

It’s virtually impossible.

Brandon was a 3 star. Austin was a 4. I keep seeing people say this so I went back and looked at 247, and Scout. He is still a 4*

Ok. I could have sworn I saw at least one of the services rank Austin a 3. In any event, the point holds and is just as true with Brandon (as a senior).

He played at near All-SEC level and was a mid-round draft pick that made a team and appears that he will, again.

I could have just as easily have cited Rawleigh–same rationale.

I partially agree with what you’re saying. Again, you weren’t the first that said 3 star, that’s why I had to go back and look again.

I also agree with you that recruiting services rate players different and go back and change rankings (they do in basketball too).

Now, to be clear–I think rankings matter inasmuch as you have to get high 3-star and 4-star guys with good offers that fit your system. You are gonna miss on some players.

Everyone does and with scholarship limits, attrition is baked into the system.

What you can’t have is a lot of dead weight at a particular position. That has been a recurring problem at LB and safety.

I have longed for them to worry a little less about measurables and lean a little more on guys that are proven playmakers and tacklers.

It seems that they have started to do that, some, with guys like Scoota, Munson and Smith. They need tacklers and ball hawks.

We need a couple of good seasons to get the program back in the eyes of the High School kids. We have not been good since 2011, so we are not visible to the kids of today. These kids have little Loyalty to home and only care about winning programs.