SEC Championships

They don’t give those away. You have to earn it!.. Got one more shot.


I sure wouldn’t bet on a Razorback win now. This was worse than the fiasco that cost us a CWS Championship, at least in the repetition of dumb plays and coaching mismanagement.

The cruelest words a Razorback baseball fan can ever hear; Hogs are just one win away from a championship.


Abgeba, you are such an encourager. Such a ray of sunlight.


There was no coaching mismanagement

It was the right call

Kid just didn’t get it done

It happens


Team believes in itself. Who are we to doubt them. Get it done today!


Well, after such a disappointing loss as last night, one (or all) can just “wring their hands and cry whoa is me” or they can, as we say in south Louisiana, have a case of the “Go-go rouge” (that’s the red azz for you who missed it) and go out and kick azz in the next game. I think that this team is of the latter mentality. Go Hogs!!!

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Fortunately these young guys don’t carry the baggage that us old Razorback fans carry. They haven’t had their hearts stomped on a thousand times. I have no doubt, that they will handle this setback better than we will.

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It’s real easy to call it what ever the heck you want too! But it wasn’t coaching mismanagement!
Look at what happened. Wood got rattled plain and simple. A ball hit back to him runner reached first, walk, bunt that was in the air and none played the ball. There’s 2 outs on a normal day. From there nothing else matters. Wood has proven he can close. He needs to be put right back on the horse today if possible. Adcock tried to be perfect and it made him ineffective. Coil was put in a bad spot and the guy ambushed a fast ball. Game over.
The hogs has a chance in the 9th. Old man Mo changed dugouts. Hollan has to be ready today.
Try to look at the positive instead of the negative.


10:15 Saturday morning just outside downtown Nashville. A light Drizzle.

We have the National Pitcher of the week going today… put a stop to that blind squirrel finding the nut twice.

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You can defend individuals for calls that are proven to be incorrect, but ultimately the decision makers bear the responsibility. No one sided coins, you get the accolades when your team wins and the other side of that coin is all to real. I guess Diggs should have remained at third base rather than do what the coaches instructed him to do and keep running to home plate. Ultimately, we are judged by results and not what should have or could have been.
I love CDVH, and I believe we have the best coach in all of college baseball, but he is not perfect nor is he above criticism.

So I this case the criticism of DVH is that he did not use his crystal ball.

Goodness, what was he thinking? He should have known Woods(who has been nails) was gonna blow it.


No, doc. You don’t fix what isn’t broken. His call proved to be a catalyst for a mind-numbing loss. Is anyone responsible for this loss, any loss, any win? Does our culture not believe in someone being held responsible for anything? It is just a game, but I am curious, is CDVH above criticism? Is he perfect? Is anyone responsible for anything? I guess we just shrug our shoulders and say, Oh Well. I believe in Agency, Actions have Consequences.

Well the least DVH could have done, was have a tarot card reading before he sent him out there.If the reading was good and the kid still blew the save, that’s one thing. Dave didn’t even try. Inexcusable!

If DVH would have told Woods to field the come backer and/or catch the pop up, we would have won.

There ya go, DVH blew it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Meanwhile, adgebg has 20 20 hindsight.


Whatever, man

And if they had left Morris in and he blew it, you would criticize the coaches for leaving him in

You just have a dogma and and are holding to it


Coaching mismanagement? Yeah, it’s easy with hindsight to know what should’ve been done.

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DVH is responsible for results. He is as good as they come getting results. The consequences for his high level of results is big bucks and recognition as one of the best. Any isolated misstep he may make (which are rare) he has no responsibility to explain or consequence to receive (other than possibly a rare loss). Silly stuff to post.

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Let’s face it, we blew it. Call it what you want…our kids just didn’t execute…but this has been a common problem with DVH teams in late season, regionals and Omaha. I think right now we are the SEC leader in going to Omaha the most without a national championship. Hopefully someday he can get the gorilla off his back. I just don’t think this is the team.