SEC Championship

I live in Chattanooga about a quarter mile from the Georgia line. Our community is (of coarse) dominated by Vol fans but there are also tons of Georgia and Bama fans. The Georgia and Tennessee folks really like Pittman. Nothing but great things to say about him personally and professionally. Bama fans sure respect his coaching. Universally Vol fans are rooting for Georgia today. They hate Bama.

Today I went to Walmart and there were a lot of Georgia and Bama fans wearing gear. One couple made me LOL. She had Bama gear on and he was fully decked out in Georgia attire.

So I’m firmly with the Georgia folks today. Go Dawgs…


Helluva game so far

Wonderful to see bama get PI calls against them

This is how a game against them SHOULD be called!

They still missed some though?

They missed a big targeting call against Bama. Classic.

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Bama’s offensive line has played better than it has all year… you give young time to throw as we saw he will eatv you alive. Georgia secondary has been suspect all year but nobody has had time to throw the ball to take advantage of it today they have

I just chuckled when a guy in my Sunday school class suggested after our game against Bama that Saban played close to us so as to fool Georgia; then he said it again after the Iron Bowl.

Durn, he was right !

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Never underestimate Saban…… :joy:

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Is it possible we always overestimate Georgia in recent years because they play in the SEC East? If Georgia was in the West instead of Bama would their record be as good? I know they walked all over us but I think the last few years they have had it easy in the East.

UGA has not played anyone all year, no do they have much of an offense. Overrated as always.

UGA offense is not good enough to win it all.

Just how good is the Sec west ! Wonder how Kirby would feel after a two loss season both to Alabama. Great game today. WPS

I am not surprised that Alabama won, the team with the better QB seems to do that a lot. Have thought that Bennett’s limitations would rear their head when facing good competition. More surprised that Georgia’s defensive result was not considerably better than ours with Alabama.

I tend to be a little cautious about jumping to too big of a conclusion based on what I see in one game. Right after the Michigan State game, Michigan certainly did not look like a team that would play in the final four playoff. Georgia actually scored a lot of points in most games that they played this year, and without the three pass interceptions in this game it would have been much closer. Is Cincinatti better? Is Michigan better? Can Alabama dominate them a second time? Gosh, that’s why we look forward to and watch the games.

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Kind of surprised Smart didn’t try to blitz more.

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Yep, even with a review. You have to believe the SEC conference captains wanted a Bama win. Two huge paychecks.

In my defense, I was multitasking at the time grilling up some delicious ribeyes. :grin:

I wonder why they let A&M beat Bama in the first place?

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Timing was the deciding vote. In the end, ‘it just means more’.