SEC Championship Game

Given the Tennessee, Ole Miss and Texas A&M news, the SEC title game might be about the fourth biggest thing happening in the conference right now. A couple of thoughts on it, though, from a non-football standpoint.

When the SEC put the championship game in Atlanta, it had to have this potential matchup in mind. That it has taken 25-plus years to materialize is kind of surprising. Atlanta is basically the midway point between Auburn and Athens, about 90 minutes from both.

I think Georgia might have a home field advantage tomorrow, though. UGA fans had a month longer to gobble up the general admission tickets because it had the SEC East wrapped up in October.

Regardless, it should be a great atmosphere. I’m looking forward to seeing it.

A lot riding on several games this week-end. Every spot in the final four is up for grabs pending outcome of the conf championships. Its Clemson, Auburn, Okla and Whiskey now. Could very well be Miami, UGA, OSU, Bama.

I think the early dream was Alabama vs Tennessee in a rematch of an undefeated vs one loss teams.

Has never happened

That would be a good one, too.

The SEC is locked into Atlanta, and I get why, but I sure would like to see the SEC title game rotate. There are at least two world-class sporting venues within the SEC footprint, in Atlanta and Dallas, as well as great facilities in Miami, Tampa, New Orleans and Houston.

Adding A&M and MU opened up several good options for that game. St. Louis is another potential spot. Regardless, I’d like to see some sort of rotation, too. As a rule the Atlanta venue favors the east unless the west teams are Bama or Auburn (or if the east team is Missouri.)