SEC Championship game on TV

I still have Hooverville service for internet so I’m still stuck with direct TV for now. Channel 11 isn’t allowing Direct TV to air their channel. Does anyone know if there’s another channel
Showing the game.

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Same here in central Arkansas. I’ve got AT&T Uverse and local cbs station is blocked.

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Yep. I’ve got uverse so no local cbs.

If you have the app CBS all access , I have Directv, I can watch the local cbs thru that for free.

I guess I’m going to put an antenna up and try that! As soon as they put up the new tower I’m unplugging and getting rid of this junk.

Good old idiots wanting more money all the time. They never compensate when they don’t provide the service you pay for but yet I keep paying the bill.

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Get the channel master antennae with the channel master booster. Set it all up as instructed.

I just got the CBS app. First week free after that $5.99 a month…Doubt I hang around more than enough time to get through football season…Or until these companies get there act together…

I had no idea! I had uverse for years, I don’t now, glad I don’t!

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Apparently Uverse is having a dispute with CBS or its local affiliate & won’t broadcast their programs. I expect the issue will resolve sooner or later.

It has not been resolved for over two weeks now,

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There are times when I miss DirecTV (mostly when I’m trying to find a Royal’s game.) Now I’m just glad to be free from the periodic drama of dropped networks.

CBS app is the way to go. You can then project it on to your Smart TV from your iPad by using the icon.

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As I understand it, all programming is 1 day delayed except for live sports and local news. Is that correct?

If you want to keep it for a couple weeks (for the MO basketball game), can you cancel anytime after a month or more. Or do you have to contract for a specific period of time?

You don’t have to project from another device. You should be able to install the CBS app directly onto your smart TV. Or you can use any other streaming device attached to TV such as Roku, Firestick, or Apple TV.

Interesting. I could not find the app on my Sony Bravia TV. I shall look again.

Thanks. I tried to purchase and load on to UVerse from my computer. I don’t have a smart TV in my office/den. It accepted my payment and set up account, but kept saying live TV not available at my location. I then went straight to my Roku device and it loaded and works fine.

Best thing about it is I can now go back and catch up on the first 3 new episodes of Blue Bloods and Seal Team. I can watch the SEC Champ game tonight and the MO game on Jan 2nd. I can then cancel it anytime the contract between UVerse and the local CBS affiliate is completed.

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Get internet service, get youtube TV, get a roku and all of your problems will be over. I’m amazed the people that still fool with anything else. I’ve heard just about every reason and none of them make any sense. If you can’t get internet, get the HD 80 mile antenna from WM for $40. It’s amazing. I use it at deer camp. Problems solved.

For me, YouTubeTV was the perfect answer. We have two houses. I was paying a lot for satellite at the lake and we were up there only on weekends, and of course, not every weekend. Most of the providers are location specific. YouTube, I can have 3 connections at any time, doesn’t matter the location.

I wish they would work out their differences with the Fox Regional Networks, so I could watch the Cardinals, but otherwise, completely happy with them.

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I was able to pick up Iowa/Gonzaga today after joining this morning,…just checked to see if i could get CBS…got a really good picture…about 2 years ago or so I had to watch the Masters on my PC because of this same darn crap…