SEC Bowl Tie-Ins Moving Forward

Once OU and Texas are playing in the SEC, I’m wondering how that will affect the conference’s bowl tie-ins. With two more teams in the league, I would think we need to secure a couple more bowls.

I’ve felt for a long time (and I don’t think I’m alone) that Arkansas has been at a slight disadvantage when it comes to bowl possibilities because we have been so far west in the conference. With OU and Texas being further west than us, I hope we can add at least one bowl in this region.

I’d like to see the SEC take the Big 12’s place (or maybe the Pac 12’s place) in the Alamo Bowl. San Antonio is a nice destination with a lot of attractions. I think it could help prop up the SEC’s bowl presence on the western side of the league.

I don’t know how long current bowl contracts with conferences are. I would guess it’s different for each bowl, but I also wonder if the Big 12 losing its two premier members might negate some agreements in place with the Big 12.

Of course, with the playoff likely to expand to 12 teams in the near future, I don’t know how that will affect bowls. I’d like to see opening rounds played on campuses, but I would assume that bowls will still be involved to some degree.

Just something I’ve been thinking about with all the bowl talk this time of year.

Alamo Bowl will come along to the SEC.


Do you really think we add to add a couple more bowls? Adding Texas and OU one might be enough!!!

Considering tu won’t be going to any bowls in the foreseeable future, one should be enough for now.:slightly_smiling_face:


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