SEC bowl games

Nobody going to Birmingham! Misery took Gasparilla in Tampa instead of a trip to Alabummer.

Good move.

Georgia vs Ohio State (Peach)
Bama vs. K-State (Sugar)
Tennessee vs. Clemson (Orange)
Florida vs. Molester State (Vegas)
Misery vs Wake Forest (Gasparilla)
Hogs vs. Kansaw (Liberty)
Flopnecks vs. T-Tech (Houston)
Poultry vs. Notre Dame (the Lou Holtz Bowl in Jacksonville)
Kentucky vs. Iowa again, this time in Nashville
Moo U vs. the Fightin’ Bielemas (ReliaQuest/Outback)
Corndogs vs. Purdue (Citrus)

East Carolina and Coastal Carolina are sentenced to a week in Birmingham.

Remember, that state to our northwest is pronounced Kansaw for the next month.

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Orange Bowl will certainly be Orange this year.

Our hogs were rewarded the turd bowl they earned.

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