SEC/Big12 Academic Requirements?

I heard an OKC Radio Sports Guy say that the academic requirements for playing in the Big 12 are more strict than than in the SEC.

Is that correct?

Consider the source…

Little Dozen doesn’t have that juco math requirement that keeps driving players out of the SEC. I don’t know that either one of them do anything beyond the NCAA minimums for admission otherwise.

The conferences have some slightly varying rules on admissions, but I don’t think there are any differences in academic requirements once the players are in school. The standard minimum GPA is 2.0. I think that’s an NCAA rule.

Don’t the entrance requirements also vary from school to school within the SEC? I recall losing a JUCO player to Vanderbilt a few years ago because they would accept a “D” on his transcript and UofA would not. So much for high academic standards there…