SEC bball national reputation

CBS Inside College Basketball talking about how SEC is a three bid league with South Carolina and Florida the clear cut teams behind Kentucky. No mention of Arkansas.

I haven’t heard or seen anything so far to change my opinion that 20 wins is not nearly enough to get the hogs in the dance this year. I’ve been thinking 23 is the magic number, but if South Carolina and Florida have even better records, 23 wins might even be a precarious bubble scenario.

Needless to say tonight vs Kentucky is a huge opportunity to change the conversation.

I predict five bids for SEC this year. Not sure who the four would be other than Kentucky.

We had another thread a while back discussing wins needed to make the tournament. The committee doesn’t have a required number of wins to make the tournament or care how many wins other teams in our conference have. It’s mostly dependent on RPI and SOS. Prime example last year Vandy got in with 19 wins, South Carolina missed out with 24 wins.

As far as National perception. The best guy in the world at predicting the tournament bracket (Joe Lunardi) has Arkansas in firmly in the tournament as a 8 seed right now. CBS, just put out their bracket yesterday and has us as a 7 seed, so not sure why they wouldn’t mention us, probably just forgot or maybe they think we fall off, I don’t know. But, we’re in a good position right now, just gotta keep playing well.

Here’s the latest brackets from ESPN and CBS … acketology

I agree. I think it’s at least a 5 bid league this year.

I think Kentucky, Florida, South Carolina, Arkansas all get in.

Other teams I think will have a shot… Georgia, Auburn, TAM, and Miss St. I think one, maybe 2 of those will get in. I really liked Miss St. to begin the year, but since Howland has come on, they blow it in non-conference then come and play well in conference and messes everyone’s RPI up. Also, I think TAM will figure it out and be more competitive than they have thus far. Auburn also looks pretty good.

Ya these cbs dudes today were the most critical of sec bball that I have seen lately. That is some real haterade on prime time. Is it true we get prime time on the espn mothership tonight? I would really like a win vs Kentucky or Florida to give us some breathing room in the bracketology, seems like quality wins are to find in the sec (to the national pundits)

I tend to agree but Tamu and AU better get busy. They are about to be 8-6, 0-3 and 10-5, 0-3, respectively.

Yep. TAM is a really underachieving right now, they got a talented roster, but they are young.