Kentucky @ Florida. The gators are beating Kentucky pretty bad. Kentucky looks bad!

Moo U @ LSU. The tigers are holding a small steady lead. Come on LSU and win!

We want Moo U to win.

If the FL/KY score holds up. We win we get KY, we lose we get FL (in our second game). If Moo U wins and the FL/KY score holds up, we avoid both FL and KY until Saturday

Not me! I want the hogs to beat Missouri and have the hogs play the winner of the 5/12-13 winner on one days rest! I think the hogs would be better off playing Kentucky! I think we can beat them in ST Louis.
First order of business beat Missouri tonight.

This time of year is about matchups. Even on a 24 hour turn around KY is a bad matchup for us. But since Mistake lost, we will either play KY on Friday or Florida on Friday. Neither is a good matchup for us