SEC BB tonight.

Florida @ Tennessee the hogs need the Vols to win.
Alabama @ Auburn the hogs need Auburn to win.
That would keep the hogs tied with both of them in the conference standings. We don’t need anymore teams above us.
A game on Wednesday night in the SEC tournament won’t do anything good for the hogs. Florida, Kentucky and Moo U have the tiebreaker over the hogs.

I disagree about FL/TN. We need FL to win. FL has an ending schedule similar to ours, TN, AUB, Bama, and KY. We need them to beat TN. In all likely hood they’ll lose another game or two. TN losing two, gives them the same record as us and we own the tiebreaker over them.

As for Bama/AUB I agree, AUB needs to win out except against us. That puts some of those tied with us a loss.

Most important though, is we need to win out.

You may be right! Florida has Kentucky to close out the season and I was hoping Kentucky would get beat!