SEC basketball what-if

If EOE and Mobilehoma join the SEC, what happens to the basketball schedule? I see two possibilities:

Stay at 18 games, have a four team pod that you play home and home, everyone else you play once. Could even be the same pod as football. Ours might be Misery, TAM and OU, or TAM, UT and OU, for instance. You could play those three home and home every year, or rotate them.

Or keep the five home-and-homes, play the other 10 once and play 20 league games. ACC has a 20-game league schedule with 15 teams. Six home and homes, everyone else once.

Less likely would be a setup like baseball, where you don’t play everyone every year, but I guess that’s also possible.

Wonder if they will go back to east and west divisions

I highly doubt it. If divisions don’t make sense in a 14-team league, they sure don’t make sense in a 16-team league. If you went to divisions, you’d either have to play 22 conference games (14 against your division, 8 against the other) or not play some people.

Not talking schedules but Chris Beard is building a big time program quickly. TX will be a bear as long as he’s there. I expect they will be preseason top 5 next year as he’s killed it on the transfer portal. On the other hand, the good thing about basketball is that the conf season isn’t nearly as important as the NCAAs.

Playing challenging schedules is not nearly as daunting as it was for the last 20 years. With Muss, you feel that you have a chance to win against top opponents, even on the road. Basketball in the SEC is on the rise and Texas every year would provide a hated rival. If you are in the SEC, you expect to compete with the best. Teas and OU will be tough opponents. I don’t expect them to dominate any sports. I do expect them to have strong teams, but we are used to tough games in the SEC.

Horns down and Woo Pig Sooie.

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I must say I am surprised with what has happened at Texas. It is obvious Chris is one of the best coaches in the game. But I didn’t think he could recruit like this at Texas. At Kentucky or Duke yes but not at Texas where the program has not been elite for a while. I certainly did not expect him to have the best transfer class in the nation. He is also signing some big time high school recruits.

Let’s see if this continues or if it is a blip. It will of course depend on the performance on the court,

Texas has a recent history of being a difficult place for good coaches, basketball and football, to be successful. Something about the culture makes it harder to succeed. We’ll see if Beard can be successful enough to keep them happy. I suspect he will for a few years, but if he goes into this season ranked in the Preseason top 5, it will be difficult not to have a disappointing season.

Yeah, I saw an article yesterday from one of the ESPN sports writers (can’t remember which one), who said he moved Texas to #3. He said he thought long and hard about moving them to #1. Chris has certainly brought in top 3 talent. The big question, though, is can he turn all that new talent into a cohesive TEAM. I wouldn’t want to play them late in the season, or in the NCAA tournament before the final four.

ESPN at next contract could say , more $ but you need to play more in league games among your members. Lot’s of options besides two new members. What if Clemson or either Miami or FSU also wanted in? Alot depends on what ESPN wants to see in an expanded format.

Do you think it’s a good idea to bring Chris Beard into the SEC?

I don’t.

I don’t mind bringing in OU, bit I’d prefer Texas stay in the Big 12.

Bring it on! I know Beard is a good coach, but Muss and company have beaten him before. With Musselman, I’m not afraid of what our basketball team can do with any team added to the expansion.

Porter Moser was just as good as Beard at UALR and after UALR. Porter is good.

In addition to Muss, we already have some very good coaches around the SEC in Cal, Pearl, Oates, Barnes, the two Martins, Howland and so on. And these two will be excellent additions.

You afraid? Doubt our coach or players are.

What a stupid reply to my post. Why on earth would I be afraid of Chris Beard in the SEC? Being the excellent recruiter that he is, I’m not sure it’s a good idea to bring Beard in and expand his recruiting reach into the southeastern states even more, which is the still the primary recruiting area for Arkansas in terms of attracting high school basketball talent to Fayetteville.

Porter Moser is a very good, fundamentally sound coach. I don’t think he has the recruiting pull that Beard does. So I’m less concerned with Moser.

PJ: “Porter was just as good as Beard at UALR”?

Porter was there 3 years and never won more than 18 games. Never even made an NIT.
Beard went 30 - 5 in his year, won the league, made NCAAs and upset Purdue once he got there.

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I know Porter did not have that magical season that Beard had. But during his 3 years at UALR he made a similar impact in reviving the program. He averaged 18 wins per year. He took over a team that had won 4 games the year before, started getting offers because what he was doing at UALR.

He just didn’t have a Josh Hagins that Beard had to win a lot of games late.

But statistically, you are correct Porter wasn’t as good as Beard at UALR.

So the answer is yes. You are scared-worried he will somehow hurt us in recruiting. You call it stupid, I call it observant. Find your words.

Okay, well, scared isn’t exactly the word I would use. I have concerns about bringing Texas into the SEC, as I feel it will negatively impact Muss’ ability to get top high school talent to Fayetteville from Texas and other southern states.

But anyway, my feelings on this are moot.

Texas is coming. It’s a done deal.

I don’t see as much of an issue with basketball.

One, the SEC is not clearly the dominant hoops conference. You could very easily make the case that Texass and OU are leaving the dominant hoops conference; the Big 12 was #1 last season in conference RPI and #3 in NET (SEC was fourth and second). Will the SEC become the best hoops league? Maybe but it ain’t there yet.

Two, you can turn a basketball program around with three really good players. Three really good players in football are only a blip. And we can get almost everything we need lately without even leaving Arkansas, along with the portal. Arkansas’ output of high-level hoops talent is enough to keep us supplied even with the occasional business decision.

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Yeah, I get where you’re coming from. I not really concerned about instate talent. I’m confident Muss will be able to get the majority of the top high school kids from the state. There will always be a couple to slip away, but for the most part I think Muss will be able to keep the best instate hoops talent home, regardless of which team’s he’s competing against for that talent. Going against Beard for top high school kids in Texas, Oklahoma, and especially the southeastern states does concern me a bit, to be honest. Beard is absolutely relentless on the recruiting trail.