SEC basketball trivia

The SEC started naming a basketball champion in 1933. How many times in those 88 seasons has Ole Miss won the regular season title?

Gotta be Zero! :grin:


I would have answered it differently:

“The same number of times they have played in the SEC Championship Football Game”.



or how many times the baseball Rebel/Landsharks have made it to Omaha!

The Rebnecks have actually been to Omaha five times, including the 1969 team with a shortstop named Archie Manning. But repeated postseason failures have earned the OMAHA acronym – Ole Miss At Home Again.

How many SEC basketball titles has UA won?

I looked it up. UA has won two regular season championships (1992 and1994) and one tournament championship (2000),

OM has won the basketball tournament twice but no regular season titles.

The last time that the Rebnecks were in the CWS was in 2014 (1956, 1964, 1969, 1972, 2014).

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