SEC Basketball today.

I had the hope that today thar Arkansas could beat S. Carolina and pick up ground on other teams that are are 5-4.
Georgia started off hot but started coughing up the pumpkin to Ole Miss.

Kentucky is pulling away from Miss ST

Auburn is on the scoreboard early on LSU.

Please o hope our hogs wins and tie South Carolina in the conference standings. This could be a good day.
LSU over Auburn
Kentucky over Miss St
Tenn pound Florida
Georgia comeback win over Ole Miss at home.

Don’t look now, but Mississippi St. has just cut UK’s lead to 5 with 10 minutes to play. However, if it’s close, I have no doubt the SEC and it’s biased officials will do whatever necessary to get UK the win.
The only way State wins is if they pull away and win decidingly to the extent the officials can’t help UK enough to pull out a win.
There have been multiple one sided calls throughout this game and many that should’ve been Play-ons.

Go Hogs!

Miss ST cut it to 1 and the ref’s came to the wildcats aid. Let them by with Washington charging and a mugging at the defensive end.

There was a double technical called in the first half that should have been a 1 way F-1 on Washington. That has slowed Perry for Miss ST.