SEC baseball

Ole Miss. 1
South Carolina 3
Top 3rd

Miss State 1
Bama 4

Florida 0
Texas A&M 0

Hogs could get help tonight with a win!

knights is not fooling a soul! they are smoking the ball off him,he better get that CB working or they are going to do damage

South Carolina is up 12-2 on Ole Miss in the fourth.

Matt the hogs got help tonight! The most important thing was to get a win at LSU!
With Ole Miss and Texas A&M losing along with us beating LSU the gain a game in the standings. Oh course Miss State and Auburn won so the standings are still pretty tight. 2 game lead. We need 2 more wins at LSU.

Yes. We got a little separation last night with that big win. If we can win even one more down there, we have a good chance of leaving with a 2 game lead. OM could lose 2 at SC. MSU is likely to sweep Alabama, though.

Saturday morning standings:

Hogs 14-8
Rebnecks 12-10
Gaggies 11-11
Auburn 11-11
Corndogs 10-12
Moo U 10-12
Bama 5-17

Wallets 17-5 (How come we can beat Brady Singer and nobody else can?)
Jawja 14-9
Poultry 12-10
Vandy 11-11
Jelly 10-12
EOE 9-13
Misery 9-14

Quite a race for that last spot in Hoover between the Creamsicles and Misery. Also doesn’t really matter if MSU sweeps Bama or not. At best they’d be two games back with six to play and they still have to play Florida.

South Carolina leads Ole Miss early in the 2nd game of that series 7-1

UGA sweeps at Missouri this weekend. Gonna be a tough weekend in two weeks.

I like the hogs chances of winning that series against Georgia.