SEC baseball standings, other odds-n-ends

The Rebnecks split a doubleheader at Moo U yesterday after they were rained out Friday. So we’re tied atop the West with the ex-Bears at 7-4. The Corndogs are 6-6.

In the East, Florida is 8-2, Georgia is 8-4 (yes, we play Georgia, end of the season in Athens) after taking two of three at Vandy (we actually avoid the Anchor Boys this year). Vandy is 7-5.

SEC RPI list as of Sunday morning:
Wallets 3
Arkansas 4
Rebnecks 8
Jawja 11
Allbarn 12
Jellycats 18 (sweep losing a little luster but still top 20)
Gaggies 19
Vandy 25
Misery 32
Ocean Scum 43
Poultry 57
Corndogs 60 (whodathunk it?)
Creamsicles 64
Leghumpers 79

If there’s a good year to have road series at Stankville and the Box, this is clearly it.

So, if tomorrow were Memorial Day, SEC would have three national seeds and five regional hosts, based solely on RPI.

Worst team we’ve played: Dayton. Which will change when we get Grambling in NLR.

Best team on the schedule: No it’s not Florida. It’s Texas Tech, currently #2 in RPI (and was #1 coming into this weekend; they haven’t lost but Stanford moved past with a midweek win over Gonzaga and a road win at #45 UCLA).

Sunday update:

Florida 9-3, Georgia 8-4, Vandy 7-5

Hogs 8-4, Ole Miss 7-5, LSU 6-6

Warren Nolan hasn’t updated the RPI yet. That will be interesting, especially since Florida split with the Creamsicles today.

Swine, please post a translation table, my head is spinning.

My SEC nicknames? (Marty, you can save this in the FAQ) :smiley:

First of all, I’m largely incapable of calling anyone or anything by its actual name. My cat is sitting next to me as I type this. Her real name is Suzie. But to me she’s Worm. I won’t bother explaining why, but there is a reason.

Now to the SEC:

Alligator hide is sometimes made into (very expensive) wallets. Thus Florida is the Wallets, or Future Wallets.

Mississippi is full of rednecks. Except at Ole Miss, where they’re Rebnecks. They got rid of that alleged Black Bear mascot, so that’s the ex-Bears.

Jawja is just the Southern pronunciation of Georgia. We’ll get to the SEC’s other bulldogs later.

KY Jelly is a brand of, uh, personal lubricant. Kentucky is abbreviated KY. Thus the Jellycats.

I stole Allbarn from Alabama fans, who use that word to deride their state’s cow college. Same reason I call Mississippi State “Moo U”. I could probably come up with something better given their propensity to ignore NCAA rules regarding extra benefits, but this will do. Something better would require more thought than I want to spend on the current home of Saint Gus of Hypocrisy.

Lack of thought is also why I haven’t come up with anything better for Vandy, except for occasionally Anchor Boys (their catchphrase is Anchor Down).

I have some other less family-friendly names for Texas A&M, but for this purpose Gaggies will do.

Misery is my corruption of the state located to our north.

Red tide is a form of algae found in the ocean. Algae is otherwise known as scum. Thus, the team located in Tuscaloosa is the Ocean Scum.

Gamecocks are chickens. Or poultry. Either will do. The rest of the league calls us pigs, so I can call them poultry.

Some Auburn fan once wrote a hilarious treatise on why LSU fans smell like corndogs, and how you should act when you catch a whiff of that corndog aroma. It’s rumored that he stole it from a description of Nebraska fans, but no matter. So now the purple and gold types are Corndogs.

Creamsicles? Look at this and tell me he doesn’t look like a giant creamsicle. Viles or Vomiteers also work. Of course, the home school of the Creamsicles is the Evil Orange Empire-Knoxville, or just EOE in SEC settings (the true Evil Orange Empire is located in Travis County, Texas).

Now we get to the other bulldogs. Male dogs are occasionally known to hump human legs. Thus, the inhabitants of Stankville, Mississippi, are Leghumpers.

RPI update: We’re still 4th behind Stanford, Texas Tech and Florida.

Why are we still 4th when TTech lost to Jayhawks 17-4 today?

Obviously we weren’t close enough to either TTech or Florida to catch them today, even though they both lost.

By the way, Stanford also lost today, so they dropped the UCLA series 2 to 1.

I think we were 5th before today’s game. We’re 4th today. Doubt the game with Grambling will hurt us in light of our overall record & schedule.

We were fifth last night, somehow crept up to 4th this morning.

Poll prediction for tomorrow (D1 Baseball) – It will be really interesting. Stanford, Oregon State and Ole Miss, all ranked above us, all lost weekend series. We swept the # 19 team. Florida took two of three at Tennessee.

I think it will be:
Florida 1 (stays there with series win and a 3-1 week)
Stanford 2 (lost 2 of 3 @ #21 UCLA)
Hogs 3 (5-0 week)
Texas Tech 4 (won series @ Kansas)
Oregon State 5 (lost two of three @ Arizona, a team we beat in San Diego)
Ole Miss 6 (lost two of three @ Moo U)
Florida State 7 (lost series @ Georgia Tech)
NC State and Kentucky each won their weekend series 2-1 so I think they stay put at 8 and 9. Same with Indiana at #10.

By the way, the only other Top 25 team with a perfect week this week was MoState, which swept Evansville in the Valley. Of course they’re on our future schedule too; 12 of our final 23 games – and all of the last 9 – are against teams in this week’s Top 25. But our first 12 SEC games were also all against ranked teams, and we won 8 of them.

I got the first three right on that prediction. Wallets-Trees-Hogs. Missed badly on 4 though. They jumped NC State all the way to fourth after winning a series against Louisville.

Rebnecks are 5th, TTech is 6th, East Carolina jumped from 12 to 7, Jellycats moved up from 9 to 8, OreState slipped to 9th and Indiana remained 10th.

At the other end of the poll, Auburn fell out after our sweep, as did Misery, but Gaggies and Corndogs both entered the top 25. So they just swapped SEC teams. MoState moved up from 23 to 19. Georgia is 18th.

So right now our schedule has or will include: 1, 5, 6, 8, 18, 19, 22, and 23. Pretty salty.

D1Baseball noted that our first four SEC weekends (UK, UF, UM, AU) is as tough as any team will have all season, and we got through it 8-4.