SEC Baseball season suspended til March 30th

Series have been cancelled until at least March 30th per Kendall Rogers from D1 Baseball.

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Yep I could see this coming…this is a hot mess but totally understand and support the decision.

My question is IF which is biggest word in dictionary they resume play on March 30, how are going to determine who is winner of each division since everyone would have missed the first 3 series? What a mess!

I agree with decision. If I count right that leaves everyone playing only 7 conference series which puts pressure on players to win those remaining games IF we resume play on March 30.

I bet they cancel the season.

They will eventually cancel the season… I cannot see this being anything but much worse by the 30th.

Two weeks ago we only had 59 cases in the US since then its over 1400… by the 30th we could be beyond 10K. I just don’t see this getting better before it gets much worse.

For that matter, I think its not a matter of “IF” the UofA cancels on campus classes, but more a matter of “WHEN”. Bad times ahead… they are coming… don’t get caught being unprepared.

The UA has already canceled on-campus classes.

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