SEC baseball scheduling in 2025 and beyond

I get the sense you might see SEC baseball divisions go away like is expected with football. In that scenario, it would not surprise to see a 5-5-5 format in which 5 opponents are played annually and the other 10 are rotated every other year.

I do not think you will the SEC schedule expand beyond 30 regular-season games.

OK…a new “who will be our permanent opponents” game…I’ll play.

Ole Miss

Interesting. Previous speculation I’ve seen is that they would keep divisions.

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The teams will vote on whether or not to keep divisions. It will be interesting to see how it goes.

will the SEC tournament remain the same size or expand by 2 teams?is that to be decided inthe same vote?

No way to know at this point. Might leave it alone, might expand, might go to straight single-elimination like the basketball tournament.

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Hogs would like to make Missouri a rival in baseball. Please.


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