SEC Baseball Report

I plan to write one of these each week.


Sounds like Elliot has the same thing with the forearm tightness that Connor Noland had a couple years ago. He didn’t miss the season but he missed a good bit of it because of it

Interesting about that winter storm in SoCal. I looked up the forecast for LA. Highs in the 50s and lows in the 40s Friday and Saturday with heavy rain and high winds. That’s probably as close to a winter storm as LA ever gets.

Meanwhile it’s in the 80s today at Casa SF and I may have to turn on the ceiling fans if not the AC. In February.

Ceiling fans in full use at Casa LD for several days….

I know it’s in the 80s in south Mississippi today and it is humid… Shocker LOL that means that Golf course will be calling me pretty soon :laughing:

We went to the games in LA when we played at USC a few years back

All the games were night games and it was downright cold

It is cold here today. I am not sure the windchill will make it out of the 30s.

It will be close to 70 by Sunday’s baseball game.

yeah the softball team has a DH and temp is 43 degrees and you know the temp will really drop as the day goes on

Looked up the latitude. Casa SF is very slightly north (like 10 miles) of where I grew up, Arkadelphia. Which is in turn very slightly north of downtown Los Angeles.

The thing that keeps the west coast of California warm isn’t the latitude, it’s the Pacific Ocean

I heard a sound bite today that there was a rare Blizzard Warning on the outskirts of the Los Angeles area today.

Thanks for writing this, Matt. I see tidbits about other SEC teams on Twitter, but it will be nice to have a regular place to keep up with conference teams.

Also, I sure wish the Hogs could have pulled Paul Skenes in during the off-season. I know he visited here and was hoping he’d call the Hogs, but I guess LSU offered too much. Sounds like he’s off to a great start there.

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Doc, that’s called the marine layer.

Yes I heard that phrase used a lot

It’s also supposed to be why it is hard to hit homers at that park at night

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