SEC Baseball Clearly Overrated

3 of the top 4 RPI teams are from the MAAC! :joy:

I’m sure the pitching doesn’t compare to the sec.

You have to wonder what kind of weird mathematical gyrations can cause that

And Fairfield jumped from 278 to 2 compared to previous
With their 4-0 record

In baseball, RPI is pretty useless until late April. Kinda like NET is useless in basketball until February, and even longer in a pandemic (Colgate at #9 still???).

Remember that RPI is essentially a strength of schedule measure, in either sport. It’s 25 percent your record, 50 percent your opponents’ records, and 25 percent THEIR opponents’ records. Fairfield opened its season by sweeping a four-game weekend series with Canisius. Canisius is RPI #278, so not sure how a 4-game sweep vaulted Fairfield up so high, but it’s an early season glitch. The Stags will probably wind up with RPI around 185, which is where they finished 2019.

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