SEC Baseball 2013-22

Here is some interesting data on the past decade in the SEC.

RPI among the top 5 sure stands out for the Hogs.

I believe 1, 3, 5 and 6 all won nattys in the past decade. LSU last won in 2009.

The 2016 season is the root of that. The RPI was 124th that year. You take away that season and the RPI averages 19.8, much closer to that of the others in the same range.


Runner up to Florida 2017, 0-2 in the best of 3. Off the top of my head, I thought they had won the NC since 2009.

I did too to be honest. Since 2009, the SEC has won 8 nattys, and of course 2020 never happened due to COVID. Not to mention 6 runner-up finishes, including us.

There were nine national championship series during that time frame (none in 2020). Eight included at least one of the teams from the top six of that list.

2013: Mississippi State (lost to UCLA)
2014: Vanderbilt (defeated Virginia)
2015: Vanderbilt (lost to Virginia)
2017: Florida (defeated LSU)
2018: Arkansas (lost to Oregon State)
2019: Vanderbilt (defeated Michigan)
2021: Mississippi State (defeated Vanderbilt)
2022: Ole Miss (defeated Oklahoma)

The 2008 runner-up was Georgia. Oklahoma and Texas also have runner-up finishes since then. I’m sure their successes will be claimed on an SEC graphic in the not-too-distant future.

I would just as soon forget 2016 baseball. UGH.

2016 was okay until about May 1. Then, around the bowl and down the hole.

You mean until the 6th inning (of nearly every game).

Well, that too. But we didn’t win a game after April 30.

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