SEC announces makeup game: LSU at Ole Miss

Wednesday night at 8.

Both teams had an open date Wednesday for some reason. But the game LSU lost earlier in the season wasn’t with Ole Miss; it was with Florida. Even weirder, LSU already played Ole Miss in Oxford in January, so they’ll have two games in Oxford this season.

It appears they’re going to get, uh, creative to make up some missed games.

I guess the SEC office has come to realize Vandy and A&M can’t make up all their games so they will get teams that matter whom are up in the standings the games they need. Ole Miss is a dangerous team right now.
I hope they beat the brains out of LSU.

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Yeah the office boys will probably decide we need to play OM again in Oxford and Florida in Gainesville instead of playing Covid A$M.

I was hoping LSU and Florida would make their game up! They are close to the hogs in the standings.
The Hogs have nothing to gain by playing Texas A&M! The bad loss could be a killer to our tournament resume.

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