SEC Announcers

During this whole hogs game all you hear and now see is Florida and Georgia. I can’t stand to listen to them back on mute

Their greatest moment was when the lead guy went on and on with data about Dominic Fletcher not realizing it was Bonfield at bat. The jock gave him a hard time about that so he is not all bad…barely.

He’s called Arkansas Florida (“Florida’s 2-5 hitters are 6-for-13 while others are 0-for-7” or something like that) … went on and on about Fletcher as you mentioned … spent more time laughing and telling stories than calling play by play … said Knight was getting help from umpire when balls on Hogs were being called strikes, too. But he’s human. His job is harder than it may look. Love hearing stories (9-3 games lend to that) but get the action in front of you right first.

The SEC network is full of low budget announcers that know our players or coaches. Last week they called our pitching coach Van Horn.
If your product knowledge is so bad go get a job at Wal Mart as a greeter.

The PBP guy was off a lot and he at least owned that. But, Kyle Peterson may be the best baseball analyst on TV at any level.

They have those guys together right now because they will be one of the the crews in Omaha. That’s because they’re usually really good.

I don’t know why they focused so much on FLA–that may have been a call from the studio since we were rolling and it had SECe and SEC Championship implications.

They also lauded our program over and over and over again and KP was and is very knowledgeable about our roster and its strengths.

Agree. I always enjoy it when KP calls our game. Very knowledgeable and always extremely complimentary of the Hogs and Baum Stadium. It was kind of different having a 3rd guy in the booth tonight, but he seemed equally impressed also with his first trip to Baum. Just seemed like it affected their rhythm some with the extra person (maybe they’ve had 3 for a while now and I just haven’t noticed).

Kind of hard to blame them too much for showing FL/GA on the split screen and discussing it when we are up 9-3 midway through and they are the top two teams in the other division and tied 6-6 in the 9th.

I think Kyle Peterson is the best college sports analyst on TV, regardless of sport. He is smart and articulates his thoughts well on air.

KP does a great job. Really don’t blame them talking about the Gator/Bulldog game since it was a much closer contest at the time.

But yet, we’re poor 'lil Arkiesaw and nobody likes us.


The split screen with UF/UGA annoyed me, but I understand why they did it. It was a tied game in B9 with bases loaded & 2 outs between the two east division leaders. I can imagine many viewers, including Hog fans, wanting see that final run or out. I didn’t want to watch it while we had batters up, but I’m narrowly focused when it comes to the Hogs. However, it wasn’t up there long. Fla scored the winning run & they came back to us pretty quickly. (We didn’t need to see the UF celebration.)

Regardless, we can’t blame the announcers for that. They didn’t know what was going on in Gainesville. They were watching our game. Obviously, the SEC network made that call.

This is true. Peterson was especially complimentary about the facilities, particularly the indoor workout building. He talked about how A&M’s players could not wait to check it out when they got to Fayetteville. They went on and on about the number of suites and how long the waiting list was for more suites. One of them said that one publication rated Baum as the top college baseball field in the country. So, these guys were not all bad even if they can’t tell the difference between Fletcher and Bonfield and were obsessed with the Florida/Georgia game.

I really agree with this. He is very knowledgable about the game. I just thought his PxP partner was a little off last night.

Eduardo Perez is good on MLB but I think he’s still finding himself about the college game.

Met former St. Louis Cardinal Eduardo Perez today. Nice guy.

I’m apparently the first Dudley he had ever met.

Happens a lot to me.