SEC and covid-19

This has been a newsworthy Monday on the virus front in the SEC. In addition to Pittman’s positive result:

• Auburn’s game against Mississippi State this weekend has been postponed because of an outbreak at MSU. It has been rescheduled for Dec. 12.

• LSU reportedly has several players in quarantine and is down to one scholarship QB. Brody Miller of The Athletic says the team does not have any tight ends or long snappers available for the game at Alabama.

• Texas A&M has paused activities.

I thought I read where another school has suspended football activities due to covid. It’s not surprising. There’s been a huge spike around the country, so seeing it hit campuses shouldn’t surprise anyone. I’d thought we might have gotten to the point where the football season could continue without too much of a hitch. Now that’s looking less likely.

The Alabama-LSU and Tennessee-Texas A&M games are off this week, and the Kentucky-Vanderbilt game is reportedly in question.

The Georgia-Missouri game is now off due to covid issues at Mizzou.

What can you expect with a record 131,000 new cases in 1 day in USA. We will break that record soon as well. Too many factors in play here.

I’ve been saying this whole year, that I still do not know a single person that has had, or died from, covid 19. I just got my haircut this morning and the lady that cuts my hair said she just found out that one of her long time customers and her 45 year old daughter just died from Covid 19. I said “her daughter”? She said yes, but she had a lot of health problems before she got Covid 19. That is so sad for both a mother and daughter to die from Covid 19 about the same time.

2 of my kids have had it. No serious problems for them. Have a older friend now in the hospital. In his 70’s.

At 239,000 deaths and counting, it was probably inevitable. Death toll is still less than 1/10th of a percent of the American population (temporarily; we hit that mark when it gets to 330,000 which it will pretty soon), but still that’s equal to 7 people dying in a town of 10,000. You’re going to know one of them sooner or later. And that’s just the deaths. The infection rate is now 3% and climbing, equal to 300+ in that town of 10,000.

I now know two people who’ve died. My wife knows one who has recovered but still has terrible complications from it. She described it as the worst thing she’d ever experienced. It’s just a weird virus. Affects some very little, kills others, & makes some terribly sick. I know one rather young (early 40’s) man who recently got it & although not badly sick, lost his sense of taste & smell that he still has not recovered.

Yeah, same with me, son and his fiancée, and youngest on campus. The oldest was here for the Tennessee and game and told me of some family friends where the Dad, two sons, and their wife/fiancée all had it right now.

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