SEC alternate uniforms

I found this kind of clever. If SEC teams changed their uniforms to match their band: … nd-uniform

:lol: Those are pretty funny.

are bands continuing to grow in size and popularity? seems like with more PA music and entrance music that their effect on the game and atmosphere has been diminished.

I don’t know if this is true or not, but I had a friend who was a principle at a performing arts school.

She claimed more students are awarded scholarships for music/performing arts than football scholarships at major universities.

The bands aren’t shrinking. I think the UA band is up to something like 380 members now. I’ve noticed high school bands in our area are getting bigger, too.

Arkansas gives out a lot of scholarship money to musicians. The quantity of scholarships is definitely higher than football, although I’d be surprised if it gave out as many full rides. Typically the scholarship requirement is that they are in the marching band and at least one other band (jazz, symphony, concert, etc.) during the winter or spring.

As the father of a trumpet player, I’m a big fan of marching bands. As a football fashionista well, to quote Daryl Hall, “I can’t go for that. No No, I can’t go for that”.