SEC All-Star picks

The SEC Network had a mock SEC All-Star draft.

Patric Young picked 1st, and his team is:
Jabari Smith
Walker Kessler
Scottie Pippen Jr
Kellan Grady
Jaden Shackleford

Pat Bradley’s team is:
Jaylin Williams
Ty Ty Washington
Oscar Tshiebwe
JD Notae
Tari Eason

I’d pay to watch this game. For some totally unbiased reasons (:grin:) I’m picking Team Bradley to win this matchup.

Your picks?


Notae + Washington > Pippen Jr. + Shackelford, and can’t imagine Young’s team grabbing many boards with Jaylin and Tshiebwe sharing a frontcourt.

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Patrick definitely got the single best player in Smith and the best shot blocker in Kessler. However, it looks to me that Pat got the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th best players in Jaylin, Ty Ty, and Oscar (in no particular order). I’d definitely take Pat’s team to win the game.

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Pats team all the way. But maybe Kessler should be there

Yeah I will take Pat’s team any day

Pat Bradley’s words were, “I don’t care if you have Dennis Rodman, you aren’t getting any rebounds” (because I have Williams and Tshiebwe).

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remember…pat bradley was the general manager for a short time for the old semi professional basketball team the state had…think they were called the rimrockers in the early 2000s

And he would be right LOL

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