SEC after Week One

No way anyone can rank things correctly after week one. Still, right now here is how I see it:


  1. Bama
  2. A&M
  3. LSU
  4. Auburn
  5. AR
  6. MSU


  1. GA
  2. FL
  3. The rest appear to be bottom feeders.

A lot will happen between now and the end of Nov. What will change? It will. Right now, it looks like Bama and GA in Atlanta and I don’t have to worry about that United flight DEN to ATL. Unless that secondary starts to play football, we will do good to get back to Memphis.

Where do you put OM? I’d rank them ahead of Auburn & us. I think I’d go Bama, A&M, LSU, OM, us, Auburn, MSU. However, you’re right. No way to tell much from one game. The east is a bit easier. It’s UGA, UF, UT and then a 4 way tie for sucks with maybe USC coming in at the “perhaps doesn’t suck quite as bad as the last 3.”

Forgot OM. Shows what I think of them. I would agree with you on them if we must include them.

Tennessee will play better and will give Florida a run for their money behind Georgia in the East. I got Bama way out ahead in the West, A&M somewhat ahead of LSU & the MissyBlackBears, with us and Auburn neck and neck just behind them. MissStake follows but they will, again, be hard for us to beat.

I still expect us to beat A&M and Bama but lose to LSU and OleMiss. This weekend’s game is a toss up to me and whichever QB makes the fewest mistakes will win.

It’d have been interesting to see how the Ole Miss-Florida State game played out if Ole Miss didn’t lose Ken Webster. Early in the game with everything intact, they overwhelmed Florida State. Obviously Florida State didn’t help itself out with penalties, but once it corrected those and Ole Miss started having injury issues combined with the defense getting very little rest, it was an entirely different ballgame. Who knows, Chad Kelley may have self-destructed either way.

I’d say

  1. Bama

  2. A&M

  3. Ole Miss

  4. LSU

  5. Auburn

  6. Arkansas

  7. Mississippi State

  8. Georgia

  9. Florida

  10. Tennessee
    4-7) Who cares

As bad as it seems right now, we will beat LSU if they don’t fire Miles first.