SEC Admits No-Replay Gaffe, Fines Kiffin Anyway

Apparently, no free speech in the SEC

3-2 vs 1-4. Gus living right, I guess.

It may be more like living on borrowed time. Auburn faces Tenn, LSU, A &M and Bama in the second half of their schedule. If they go 6-4 the seat will be hot, any worse and it might be boiling.

This officiating error pattern to Auburn’s benefit in consecutive weeks is ridiculous.
And fining Kiffin for pointing out the error they admitted, is salt in the wound.

Kiffin should have told the whole world what they threatened to do if he said anything. We would then know how goody boy corrupt the SEC office is just like the old SWC was only worse.

Auburn has more people in the sec office than anyone. 8 when I counted. Two wins they have were screw jobs and some say their game against Kentucky was questionable. When will the sec figure this out or maybe they have. This conference sucks as far as bad calls that determine the outcome of games. No fan of kiffin but glad he called them out. Call it what it is, inept officiating or outright cheating. Or both

Got to give it to Kiffin, he knew he was going to get fined when he told the truth… Auburn is paying off someone or they are putting horseshoes on that Eagle.

Coaches know the fine is coming if they dog the SEC officiating in any capacity. I thought Lane actually held back from what he really thought about it.

Yep, which is why Sam largely kept his mouth shut.

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