SEC-ACC Challenge starts in 2023 - Duke at BWA?


Yes, please…or UNC.

We will get Wake Forrest

They historically have crossed paths with us
Usually to our detriment

Hope you’re wrong about that, Scott. If we remain a Top 10 program, I would think ESPN would want a more marquee matchup.

If we do get Duke or North Carolina, the way they would schedule it, we would have to go there first. They won’t do us any favors. They need to get a taste of a full Bud Walton

We would be either #1 or #2 in the conference standings and I believe matchups are based on where we finish. Good chance we get Duke or UNC. Wish Coach K and Roy were still there. Would have loved to beat them at BWA.

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UVa would certainly be possible too. Had a few run-ins with them too including 1995.

This projects Duke or UNC vs Kentucky most years, but also notes the general rise of SEC basketball with elite play at Arkansas, Alabama, Auburn, etc.

I’m not sure why, but the first thing that came to my mind is Duke at Arkansas, I guess because of the nostalgia piece and Jay Bilas saying last week that he’d never been to a game in BWA. :laughing:


I hope we have an away game against Miami next year and home vs UNC the following year … a winter trip to see the Hogs in Miami would be fun.


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It’ll be scheduled like the Big12 Challenge. Half the games on SEC courts, half on ACC courts, and you rotate. We’re in Waco this year, next year we’ll be at home,

ACC has 15 schools for hoops, we have 14 for two more years, so one ACC team will be left out. Then when the Orphans come over, one SEC team will be left out.

That would mean Miami finished either #1 or #2 in ACC. Hope it doesn’t mean Arkansas finishing out of Top 4 or so in SEC.

I am excited about this news. Wish Big 12 challenge was retained also.

I vote for annual challenges with ACC, Big 12, Big 10, PAC 12 and Big East. Then our scheduling guys at P6 schools just have to arrange pay to play games. That should be easy.

That ain’t gonna happen, PJ, and you know it. We are not going to play 23 Power 6 games in the regular season. If you do that, you have no flexibility to play in the tournaments/events that allow us to play 31 games like Maui or Atlantis (which probably add 2-3 more Power 6 opponents).

ESPN losing the Big Ten means they couldn’t continue the ACC-Big Ten Challenge, so they paired two leagues where they still have the rights. Fox doesn’t have the bandwidth to handle a challenge format.

Let’s say we had four more challenges this year instead of just one. Two of those are likely to be road games. You’ve already burned three games in Maui, plus the SEC slate (9 home 9 road), plus the neutral site in Tulsa, so that’s 16 games away from BWA. They want a minimum of 17 games in BWA, plus NLR. You can’t play 18 games in state and 16 road/neutral in a 31-game schedule.

I know. I am shooting for the stars and hoping there are challenges with at least 2 or 3 conferences. Why not? It will help scheduling a lot.

Since you posted before my edit, I’ll drop it down here.

And the Fox factor is why the Pac-12 isn’t in any challenges either.

This is the only way you could ever and I mean ever get the Tar Heels to come to Bud.


Also of note: there will be a women’s challenge for the first time.

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