SEC about to go 0 for four!

The pirate’s crew is stinking it up. And something tells me Ole Miss will struggle too.

Good, let them all fall, except Arkansas.

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At one point TT got lined up quickly to run a play and the pirate’s crew looked like someone emptied a tour bus onto the field, just milling around. Result, TT TD. Pathetic. Even with the players missing they could have been better prepared. Rogers was all over the place and when on, the receivers were dropping balls. Stinko.

Leach getting embarrassed. Glad he’s not our coach.


Hard to replace a First Team All-SEC offensive linemen and another OT too and then a starting guard went out with an injury. They could offer little in the way of a rushing attack after that. We recruit against both but I figure MSU is the greater threat because they are in the SEC. It Just Means More.

Right now, it just means more losses.

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Leach and crew did not show one lick of fight in this game, look at Sam Pittman and count your blessings. WPS

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