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I live in Bentonville and could easily drive down to one of the BB games. I have been reluctant to do so simply because I could wind up in a top seat (or, maybe not get a ticket at all). Anybody know what might give me the best chance for a decent seat at any upcoming conf. game? I hate buying from “scalpers” even if they are charging only face value, but might consider that if I can get a decent seat.

Even the seats in the upper deck are fine. It’s not that far from the court like most upper decks.

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Have been many times in years’ past. Call me spoiled, but I do not want to sit at the top when only ~4K fans are in seats.

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You can’t get a ticket at the game. Go online and buy and you can pick what you’re willing to pay.

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THANKS! You may have saved me a very frustrating trip to BW. I’ll see if I can find a ticket on line.

I just looked at StubHub for the Ole Miss game next week. You can sit downstairs, but it will cost you at least $65 per seat and some a lot higher than that. I guess it comes down to wanting to be downstairs enough to pay 2X - 8X face value (which is still illegal in Arkansas AFAIK, but they don’t enforce it).

Thanks! I am wondering if you noticed if any of the seats were going at face value. Guess I need to check it out, but if I can’t at least get less than 3/4 of the way up I’ll stay home and watch in my Home Theater with 106" screen. I miss seeing games in person, but with no band, and few fans the price HAS to be reasonable.

Some upper deck seats were $35. Nothing downstairs.

Here’s screenshot of what I found:

The $65 downstairs seats were in section 107, bottom left of this diagram.

Thanks…very helpful! I think I’m just gonna stay home.

Tickets on these sites will come down in cost the closer you get to game time. But the gripe with the sites are the fees they tack on top of the listed price

We decided to go to Auburn game about 6:30. With fees the two tickets cost me about $75 on SeatGeek

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