Seat selection email

Looks like the seat selection process starts in early Dec according to the email I received today. It doesn’t look like the 3-D portal is up yet, though.

I select on December 6. How about you?

Yep, same date.

I received mine today also. Very specific time. Vague if they call me at that time or I’m supposed to contact them. Will be at work an it indicates mobile applications will not work on Razorbackseats3d.

Dec 3 for me
At 4:23 PM
Not 4:20, precisely 4:23

I’m guessing you won’t have a 4:15 patient that day, Scott.

I start early every day, so my last scheduled patient is at 4:00
But that one may have to disappear as well…

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Understand. Sometimes those 15 minute follow-ups aren’t 15 minutes.


Mine is the same day, but at 11:41 am.

I picked last Wednesday

December 06, 10:16 AM.

I’m curious how this will work. I’m super hog level in 102 and we like our seats. Originally I was told I didn’t need to do anything, my seats would not change

My understanding is that you are guaranteed to keep your seats as long as you meet the donation minimum for your section. You might want to check with the foundation.

I had a discussion with someone who has already selected their seats. (They were among those who were displaced.) Apparently you select based on your old allocation. So you can only select the number of seats that you had last year. After everyone has been through that process, you will be allowed to make additional selections if you qualify for them. That allows everyone to have a shot before additional seats are taken.

Yep, that is correct, you can’t add seats until others ahead of you in your donor level have had their opportunity. In football, it’s basically not much of a problem, but with 7300 or seats for baseball, it could be dicey.