Season's past the one-third mark

Hit that in the first game of Saturday’s double-dip, which was game 19 of 56 (yes I know 56 isn’t evenly divisible by three, but close enough). We went 15-4 in the opening third.

Continuing at that pace would be 44-12, assuming no rainouts (which is not a safe assumption), and no worse than 22-8 in the SEC. Considering Florida and LSU topped the two divisions in 2017 with 21-9 marks, I’d pretty much take that.

Only two unbeatens in the league after week one: Hogs and Vandy, which swept Moo U. And we don’t play Vandy this year. Poultry and Misery also not on our schedule. But six teams in the current Top 20, including Texas Tech, are on our remaining schedule. This league is a beast, not that anyone needed reminding.

Give me 22-8 in the SEC and I’d take it in a heartbeat. If Vandy wins 23, so be it, but that would be a great record that would make someone else have a remarkable record to beat. This baseball team has a chance to do something special.

Van Horn’s measuring stick has always been how quickly a team gets to 20 wins. I have heard him say it about 10 times over the years. I don’t know why he picks that number and how it relates to this season yet. They aren’t there. But, if the Hogs are at 20 by the start of the Auburn series, that’s a pretty good start.