Season/weekly stats for Arkansas commitments … mmitments/

You listed Nash at 265 lbs…surely this is a typo haha

Actually 270. That’s what he told me.

Wait, I just read in DD’s article that he’s about 200. I’m going to befuddled if we’re talking about the same person lol

Dudley has him at 260 in his story. I assume he’s dropped 10 since I talked to him after his commitment. That wouldn’t be unusual since he’s gone through fall practice and in the middle of the season.

A 5’10” 260lb receiver?!?

Who’s saying 5-10, 260 WR?

I’m sorry RD. I probably led you down a rabbit hole. Your article lists Shamar Nash as 6’3", 260 lbs. Common sense tells me this is a typo, but Gregory shot his weight up out of nowhere, so I had to ask.