Season W/L prediction

We won’t get a feel for those questions until the TCU game. The Texas A&M game will confirm one way or the other and that is when we will know what kind of team we are in 2017.

I had said 9-3 earlier in the summer.

This team could be a 9 or 10 win team in about any other conference or division in college football assuming the injury bug does not hit.

This division is just to tough to expect 9 or more wins.

Think this team goes 8-4 though and that would be a very good record considering our schedule. Don’t see any blowouts or second half meltdowns like last year and this team will be in every game going into the 4th quarter…

Reasons why:
5th yr Sr QB
Great mix at RB
Athletic speedy WR’s
Best group of Tight ends in college football
Exp Off line led by All American in the middle
Defense is let loose and improves to top 50

Woo Pig

Who besides Saban has proved he can coach in the SEC west? The problem isn’t the coach, it’s the SECW.

Keepin it real. 7-5. CBB, like HDN a decade ago. Forever destined to walk the line between too good to fire and not good enough to keep. Better personality and less drama will give him a chance for a special season some day. Don’t think that will be this year.

Going back 25 years, it seems Arkansas enjoys a better than average season (using 7-5 as the average) every 3-5 years, sometimes with consecutive seasons of 8 or more wins.

While we just won 8 games two years ago, I think the Hogs are due for a big season. Experienced QB (arguably the best in the SEC), improved O-line, and loaded skill positions on offense (albeit inexperienced) will translate to 8 wins by itself, IMO.

If the D can move to the top 50 (that’s not unreasonable), we can win 9. Of course, a little well-timed luck can make it even more.

My prediction column – along with Keys to Victory – will appear on the site about noon today. I’m a little more encouraged than some of you guys.

10 and 3 with a bowl win. Win at least one we “shouldn’t” and probably lose one we “Shouldn’t”

I’m going with 8-4 with the possibility of more wins.


Going with 7-5 if we split with TCU & Texas A&M (which I think we will). We finish 8-4 if we sweep the Frogs & the Aggies.

9-3 just a gut feeling…don’t know why all the "talking heads"are so high on auburn and south carolina;also think a&m is ours this year.tired of not getting any respect from the “alabama”(sec)network or thought of as a "lower tiered"team because of the division we play in.

Put me down for 15 and 0! (Sorry that I cannot offer you any of what I been drinking, 'cause I just finished off the bottle.)

SEC Championship win
Dare I say it…Hogs beat USC and Ohio State to win the NC

Amen Brutha, this division is insane

You could be correct about the 11-1 if the players cannot handle the success of beating Bama. I still go with the 12-0, but expect Ohio State to be seeded #1 in the NC playoffs, playing #4 Bama who will thump them. Then our Hogs beat Bama (for the second time in one season) in the final game. And won’t we all be amazed by the hoard of previous nay-sayers claiming that they knew it all along.

There are just so many swing games. The early season stretch of TCU, A&M and South Carolina will be particularly telling. Emerge from that 3-1 or 4-0 and there’s a chance for a really nice season.

I tend to lean toward 7-8 wins.

I’ll have what these two are drinking.


I’m going with 9-3…

Drinking the kook aide and wearing my rose colored glasses is just me.

If we can beat Auburn…I’ll be very, very happy.

I’m hoping for a 9+ win s season

But 6 & 6 is very possible

Keys to the season -

  1. Injuries (10 games straight)
  2. Victories at TCU and Tex A&M early
  3. Split record with Bama, LSU, Auburn & USC could lead to a monumental season 9-10 wins

I think Ark needs a 9 win season to keep the natives silent and content

Coach Bret (as someone else post) is building it the right way - I hope he survives

I think the team will be improved this year, but I don’t see that translating into additional wins. 7-5.