Season Tickets

Does anyone know how many season tickets are sold to date? And how that compares to last year? Trying to settle an argument. I tried the googles with no success.

As many options as they have for tickets (Tusk Mobile Pass, mini-plans, etc) a season ticket count is difficult to get. The ticket website basically says call the Foundation for season tickets.

The Tusk Pass, if you’re not familiar, gets you into every game, but you won’t have the same seat for every game. Seats are assigned to you 48 hours before each game. The mini-plan covers five games (Indiana, Georgia Tech, Florida, LSU and Ole Miss), so roughly 25% of the home schedule if you count the exhibitions.

I guess you would count a Tusk Pass as a season ticket, but wouldn’t count a mini-plan. And each seat sold for a mini plan is not available to be sold as a season ticket.

Are the Red vs White tickets part of the season package?

Nah they are free. Maybe a can of food for the food bank if they are still doing that.

Got my tickets Friday the 12th