Season ticket sales

Arkansas has sold a record number of baseball season tickets for the second consecutive year. More here: … surge-tic/

There is lots of good information in that article, Matt, thanks.

I was interested to read that the baseball program turned a profit. With the increase in ticket prices, there should be a more substantial profit in the future. The only issue might be for those on the family plan. Several have wondered if they will continue to buy the same number of tickets with the price being doubled.

I have bought the Friday SEC game package for the last few years, but when I tried to buy it this year, the only seats were on the extreme end of right or left field or the Hogpen. I suppose their success has translated into major season ticket sales and I am happy that they are succeeding but sad that I couldn’t find weekend tickets. Hog baseball is a hoot to watch and the atmosphere is usually electric. WPS!