Season ticket holders

Who’s a season ticket holder and how long have you been one?

Who was a season ticket holder, but gave them up? How long did you have season tickets?

My grandfather became a “season ticket holder” in 1954, although I don’t know the details of that. He was a part of the first group of boosters who joined the RF. Our seats have not changed since I was a JH student in the 1970s (I don’t remember the exact seats from the 1969 Game vs Texas, the first game I remember). He had programs for every RRS game going back to 54 at the time of his death. He did quit going his last few years due to the challenges to walking up hills to/from the car for games. The same tickets are in our family today.

I had them from 2006-2016 and gave them up for economic reasons. Plus I now live in North Carolina and work weekends…

The family had Little Rock season tickets since the late 70s, then gave them up when the number and quality of Little Rock games started to go down about seven or eight years ago.

I’ve had season tickets in Fayetteville since 1989 or so, always in the west upper deck, but in west side Pig Heaven for the last ten years or so.

“season ticket” holder in Little Rock since about 2002

Since my oldest started Fayeteville 2 weeks ago, we are brand new, proud season ticket holders in Fayetteville, as of 2019. can’t wait!


Season ticket holder in Fayetteville since 1985 (35 years). In the early years the account was my fathers and I shared it.

Since 1972

Season ticket holder in Fayettenam and LR from 1975-2014 and attended all but a handful of games during that time, as well as the five years prior to that time. Jeff Long and the availability of a 55" television screen convinced me to give up my seats, but I do miss the excitement of being there.

Me personally, since 2001, my parents were season ticket holders at WMS since 1960. I still have those and my RRS seats. We attended several games in Fayetteville, including the Shootout, as older siblings attended before I did. I suspect they’ll end when I give them up, as the older two of my children live out of state, and just use mine when they get to make a game.

Been a season ticket holder of football since 1998, basketball since 2007.

Season ticket holder for Fayetteville only for last 8 years (and I live in Dallas).

Been a season ticket holder in FB since 1992. Basketball about 8 years, baseball 2 years.

My dad had season tickets in Little Rock since the famous or in-famous field goal against Ole Miss, I think 1954. Our family have had season tickets in Little Rock since then. I have had season tickets in Fayetteville since 1974! Would drive from Wichita Kansas to Fayetteville for home games! We already have plans for my daughter and her family to take my place with in the Razorback Foundation which I first contributed to in 1982!
The long time mannerism around my parents home back in the 50’s and 60’s is that you wore black the week after a loss!! Very serious about Razorback Football.

Been a basketball season ticket holder since 1993, and now we are baseball season ticket holders.

I live in DFW and purchased season tickets for the first time in 1985, the season we opened the upper deck on the West side. Was located there for a couple of years, but requested and eventually got switched to the lower East side. One more upgrade a few years later to my current location on row 45, between the 30 and 35 yard lines, East side. I’ve been very happy with those seats for years now.

Don’t go nearly as often as I used to for a variety of reasons, mostly personal more than the performance of the team - thought I’d be lying if I didn’t acknowledge that was one of (not the major) the reasons. Mostly sell my tickets to others, and annually debate the merit of keeping them and the trouble of re-selling them vs. giving them up and just buying tickets to games if I want to go up to one.

Tickets will “die” with me, as my son lives in California and will not pick them up when I let them go.

Had both Fay and LR for 20 years or so. Had to eat tickets many years, like last year.

Fayettevile and LR since (I think) 1978. Still see most games. WPS!

Was a basketball season ticket holder from 1980 till 1995 and a football season ticket holder from 1979 to 1995.
Gave them both up when I moved from Dallas to North Carolina… Just moved back to the area last fall and will probably be buying season tickets again.

Season tickets in Fayetteville since 1989.

Had season tickets in LR and Fayetteville 1968 thru 2012, retired and had to let them go but still attend a few games each year.

Had LR only begining 73 or 74, expanded to Fayetteville when the west upper deck was added. Until 93, could only make one game a year (some years zero) due to military svc. Since 93, been able to make only two games per season due to living in Idaho (long trip and expensive), but had some people that would always buy the tickets I didn’t use. This year those people were no longer interested in buying my tickets, so I dropped Fayetteville, and will only attend the LR game. Probably won’t get season tickets next year, but will probably try to get to at least one game if can get tickets on the open market.