Season ticket holders

Who’s a season ticket holder and how long have you been one?

Who was a season ticket holder, but gave them up? How long did you have season tickets?

My father was the original season ticket holder, but I shared the account while he was alive. The account is 35 years old. Before then, we bought tickets as needed.

I’m a no account. :frowning:

I moved to NWA in 2002 and was a season ticket holder with a group of friends from 2003 to about 2009. (I had season tickets just in Little Rock starting in 1992, our first year in the SEC.) We gave up the tickets because most of my friends were starting to have young children, so time demands made it difficult for them.

I thought I would miss going to the games, but I honestly don’t. I still go to a game every now and then, but the experience at home now is honestly better with high def TV, no lines at the restroom, etc. When I go to games now, the music is so loud that I can’t even have a conversation with the person right next to me. That is honestly the biggest thing that turns me off about going to games today. (Yes, I’m getting old(er).)

I go to lots of baseball games each year and some basketball games. I still want to pick and choose some football games to go to, but I honestly don’t miss the crowds, hot weather, rain, not being able to get a decent cell phone signal while in the stadium, etc.

That’s probably more than you wanted, but that’s where I am.