Season Ticket Decisions

Curious where folks on this board are with respect to renewing season tickets. One could look around last season and tell season ticket sales have taken a hit - a potent combination of losing, big beautiful 4K screens, etc.

I’ve mentioned before I renewed and did so out of a sense of duty feeling as though the new coach deserves support as he fights to rebuild the program. That said, I know others may have different thoughts and will make different decisions which is completely understandable.

I’m interested to hear what others are thinking given the struggle last few years and the poor home schedule?

I didn’t renew last year, not because of losing or the state of the program, but because I’d taken a $100,000 pay cut (literally) and didn’t have weekends off anyway. The pay cut has been restored, but I moved 1100 miles east to do it, so I don’t think I’ll be buying tickets. If I were still in Arkansas and could work my schedule around it, I probably would buy tickets. Now’s a good time to get improved seats, I suspect.

Good point -if you are hoping to improve your lot in life from a ticket standpoint this is a good opportunity. 2020 will be a fantastic home schedule.

Glad to see you’re back where you were job wise.

2018 was a rough year for me in a lot of respects, but I started the new job in NC last month and things are going well so far. Marty knew what was going on with me, and Chip, but that’s about it for the board; I wasn’t going to ask for prayers or anything. As Lou Holtz said, most people don’t want to hear your problems and most of the rest are glad you have them.

Happy for you. I like to say normal is good. I know that sounds simple, but if you have your health, family and job, you’re doing pretty good.

I’ve had season tickets for over 40 years and see no reason not to renew. I love my 50 yard line seats in Fayetteville & LR and doubt I could get them back if I didn’t renew each year. I live in The Woodlands TX so can’t make every game but my friends in Arkansas use the tickets I can’t use. My only requirement is they put their butts in the seats.

I had season tickets for a few years living in Galveston and Pearland. Like you, I’d let my family use the ones I couldn’t. But eastern North Carolina is a bit too far for that without a lot of frequent flyer miles I don’t have.

I’ve had 4 season tickets since 1987 and will continue this year.

Advice from some of you more seasoned guys.

Is it a good idea or a stupid idea to go ahead and grab the cheapest season tickets I can, to start building my priority points while I’m in school?

I’m in school in New Orleans and wouldn’t be able to go to any, so I’d likely just sell them to friends for face value or less.

I’ve been thinkin that it may be a good idea to go ahead and start building some priority points so when I’m out of school, and starting to get somewhat financially stable in my practice ( this will be several years down the road I’m sure) it would be nice to have the points to get the seats that I want. Not exactly sure if that’s really how it works. My folks let their tickets go back several years ago, reasonably so.

This could be a really unique time to get season tickets, atleast I’m hopeful that it is. Or it could be the exact same in 5 or so years.

Anyway- all advice is appreciated

Having season tickets doesn’t get you priority points. Priority points are based on donations to the Razorback Foundation (amount, years donated, etc). Location of tickets are based on the amount given each year, provided tickets are available in those sections.
Go to Razorback Foundation website for a better explanation of the priority points system.

On a side note, what year are you in at LSUSD? If a junior, you’ve probably started your ortho rotation. Tell Dr. Dubroc hello from his classmate in Arkansas. Tell him its from the Razorback fan, he’ll figure it out. :slight_smile:

Ok, I knew that that it was mainly to do with the RF donation but was thinking that was mandatory for the tickets at some baseline level.
I’ll check it out some more.

Either way, would donating the baseline level to get points be a good or bad idea? A lot of you have had season tickets for a long time and have seen times when it’s hard and easy to get certain tickets. I don’t want to be stuck in bad seats one day is what it comes down to. I also don’t want to make a stupid financial decision if that’s what it is at this point.

Just a lowly 1st year

Dr. Dubroc gave us a lecture at the beginning of the year, he’s a pretty cool guy. Told us about his financial endeavors, mainly how he cost himself a ton of money by selling his apple stock way too early. Either way he still did really well seeing he retired so early. I liked him a lot.

If I see him around I’ll let him know!

Start donating, even at a low level. You get additional points for consecutive years of AF giving. You will be on the mailing list, etc. I’m not sure that buying tickets is necessary at this point.

That’s what I’m thinking, I was confused on the part where the two didn’t have to be grouped together. There’s no need for me to have tickets right now.

I have been in the Foundation since 1970 and season tickets as well. I live in CO so my son uses or sells the tickets. We are Grandfathered in to our location (very good).

I would suggest you start at the min. level of the Foundation. I don’t think it is too much. You can increase as you are able, but you do get credit for those yrs. Check the web site or even call them. they have always been helpful to me.

Jrjdent, sent you a pm.


Swine welcome to eastern North Carolina, I have been on the southeast coast for 25 years. I have enjoyed the area, raised my family here and made wonderful friends. I hope you will find it the same way. The good news with the SEC Network and WatchESPN one can follow the Razorbacks as well as one could expect living so far away.


What city, Jeff? Charlotte, maybe?