Season so far, injuries, some coaching growing pains, & some ------------------

----------------------- mistakes due to trying to do too much have all combined to hurt us. KJ extending the ball while on the 3 yard line resulting in a fumble rather than 3 or 7 is one example of “over reaching.” The perfect storm of problems in an already thin secondary is a huge factor. We lost some and gained some in the portal, but two starters lost for the season, nagging injuries to others, and now two more, one starter, arrested over the weekend is just incredible. We did not score as big from the portal in the defensive line as we did last year. Got some, better than our returners at a couple of slots but no huge impact players, so far.

Losing so many super 6 year seniors from last year’s team left a bit of a leadership vacuum and our remaining player leaders and coaches have not overcome that as well as I had hoped. Sam has worked hard to overcome our sluggish 1st and 3rd quarter performance on offense but it has been almost constant. One good 3rd quarter all season.

KJ is playing hurt and is giving great effort. He has suffered with the lack of a slam dunk go to receiver like Burks was last year and 2 out of the 3 interceptions this year were very catchable balls fumbled into the air for interceptions. His accuracy has suffered lately due to injuries.

So, now we have to win 1 out of 3 to go to a bowl. With Mizzou improving, that will not be easy. Of course, upsetting LSU or OleMiss would go a long way on healing the season but that will not be easy either.

Beating out Bama and Auburn for a commit from the #2 recruit in Alabama shows hope for the future if we can hold onto him against the new Auburn coach, probably Freeze. Go Hogs.


This is a great synopsis of why we are where we are. As some have said we have been inches away from 7-2 this year. We are just so close to a much better record. I am not ready to give up on this team and set of coaches yet. This last game may be the catalyst to see what these guys are made of- how much fight they really have, especially in the OL.

Maybe it can the loss that really sets things in motion- like the Miracle at Markham for Saban’s LSU run.

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